Take advantage of our various NEMT services that are all specifically designed to meet your transportation needs.
  • nurse checking blood pressure of a patient
    Basic Life Support

    Provides a basic level of care, consisting of complete patient assessment, assessing blood pressure and 02 sats, basic airway management, orthopedic care, wound care, patient monitoring, and special handling.

  • life monitor
    Advanced Life Support

    ALS transports provide more advanced skills and require a higher certified staff. ALS transports include in-depth patient assessments cardiac monitoring and evaluation, advanced airway management such as intubation, drug administration, and much more.

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    Wheelchair Van Transports

    Medex also offers wheelchair transport services. Wheelchair transports are for patients who travel by wheelchair and are not stretcher bound. Wheelchair transports are not covered by insurance and are private pay only.

  • Bariatric Transport equipment
    Bariatric Transport

    Medex offers services for bariatric patients. We have several bariatric units equipped with power stretchers capable of handling up to 700 lbs.

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    Facility/Hospital Contracts

    Medex specializes in providing transportation to various kinds of facilities; we contract with facilities like Skilled Nursing Facilities, Assisted Living Facilities, Hospitals, and many more. We offer contracts to any organization that needs to utilize our services, although a contract is not required to use our services it is preferred. With a signed contract, we guarantee adequate staff and units to accommodate all of your ambulance and wheelchair van needs. We will work diligently with your team to ensure your needs are met daily.

  • stadium
    Special Events & Stand By

    We offer an ambulance and/or wheelchair van accommodation for patients or organizations having special events. Our services are available for events such as sporting events, graduations, family reunions, concerts, church events, natural disasters, etc.

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    Disaster Response & Evacuations

    Though we hope disasters never happen in the communities we serve, you need a partner with the resources, personnel, and experience to move your patients safely when an emergency happens. Medex Medical Transport Service has lead evacuation efforts for facilities and hospital networks across North Carolina to successfully move countless individuals out of harm’s way.

  • Donate Life
    Organ Donor Transports

    We understand that every minute counts, and our team can partner with your facility to make sure organs arrive on time for surgery. Our organ transportation service entails prompt and safe transportation of organs to the transplant facility or airport.

Non-Emergency Medical Transportation (NEMT)

Medex specializes in non-emergency ambulance transport for medical appointments such as:

Dialysis Treatments
– Never miss your scheduled dialysis session through our NEMT services. With us, you can assure that you will arrive at your chosen dialysis center safely and on time.
Doctor’s Appointments
– Attending to your scheduled appointment with your doctor is important to ensure you’ll receive the right treatment or medication for your health. With us, we can take you to your doctor’s clinic or hospital safely and on time.
Out-Patient Procedures
– Do you need a ride in going to and from your chosen healthcare center? With our ambulance, you can now have a comfortable and hassle-free ride, because it is our duty to bring you to your desired destination safely and on time.
Hospital Discharges to Home
– Thinking about the transportation needs of your loved one who undergone a surgery or any treatment back to his or her home is something that you must carefully consider. With our well-maintained ambulance, you can assure that your loved one will be able to arrive home safely and comfortably.
Hospital Transfers to Other Facilities
– Does the doctor advise you to transfer your loved ones to the other facility for further treatment? Or, are you planning to transfer them due to some circumstances? If so, allow us to transport your loved ones to your chosen hospital or any other facilities. Having a safe, on time, and comfortable ride with us are guaranteed.
Wound Care Facilities
– Attending and dressing up your wounds should be done immediately. That means if you have a wound that needs immediate attention, allow us to transport you to your chosen wound care facility to ensure that your wound will be treated without delay.
Physical Therapy
– We offer transportation services to patients who have difficulty with mobility. If your loved ones need physical therapy, then allow us to bring them to their chosen facility. Our ambulance is a patient-friendly vehicle that is specifically designed to accommodate the transportation needs of a patient, especially for those who are wheelchair-bound individuals. You can assure that they will have a safe and comfortable ride with us.
  • and more…

* Non-Emergency Ambulance transports are for patients who have medical conditions that indicate a need for stretcher transport. To find out if you or someone you know meets the qualification, please call today. Medex has professional EMT’s, Paramedics, and Dispatchers on staff and maintains reliable vehicles to ensure you get the best service available.

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